The Organ Commission faces the new academic year with more cultural proposals

The Organ Commission faces the new academic year with more cultural proposals 1080 1080 Seu de Manresa

After organizing two very successful concerts in August, the Commission of the organ of the heart of Catalonia presents two new performances to start the course with music and culture. In September the Trio Héxié will offer an acoustic and small format concert and in October the Unió Musical del Bages will perform for the first time in the basilica of Manresa.

The trio of flute, violin and cello Héxié will invite attendees to take a sensory journey through the most emblematic music of each era that will evoke landscapes, memories and emotions as they are part of everyday life. This journey will begin in antiquity and will continue to the present day and, accompanying the performance, the musicians themselves will make explanations about the works to deepen the experience of the concert. Héxié is a group made up by Oriol Carceller (flute), Marta Carceller (violin) and Adriana Alsina (cello), all of whom were born and settled in central Catalonia.

The Unió Musical del Bages will present a very special proposal to celebrate its first performance inside the Basilica. Its repertoire, consisting of works of classical to contemporary music, popular music, soundtracks and music, among others, will fill every corner of the temple.

The concert of the Trio Héxié will be on Saturday 4 September at 9pm and will cost 10€, an amount that will be used to cover the costs of the concerts and as donations for the restoration campaign of the organ of the heart of Catalonia. Tickets can only be purchased on the day of the concert at the box office. The UMB event will take place on the evening of October 30 and will be announced soon.

You can check all the information about the campaign “Restaurem l’orgue del cor de Catalunya” here.