The Seu joins the International Museums Day

The Seu joins the International Museums Day 1200 1200 Seu de Manresa

As every year, May 18th of May is International Museums Day (IMD), the great event organized by the International Museum Committee (ICOM) since 1977. It is a day to vindicate the work that museums do in the study, preservation and dissemination of the cultural heritage of all, but also in the role they play as cultural institutions in the development of society and in improving the well-being and cohesion of the community.

This year, in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been decided to keep the day going and make it virtual through technological resources and social networks. Therefore, a safe DIM is proposed for people, technologically open, accessible, plural and diverse.

The Museums of Manresa have wanted to be present on this day, sending a message of building a better, fairer and more egalitarian future. Museums are welcoming spaces where the past and the present meet to reflect on the world in which we want to live. And, in the exceptional time we are living in, isolation must bring back the full awareness of the human condition: that we are part of a community. This message has been captured in a video that can be viewed here.

You can visit the Historic Museum of the Seu booking in advanced by phone (+34 93 872 15 12) or by email (