The Seu reopens to celebrate Mass

The Seu reopens to celebrate Mass 2560 1920 Seu de Manresa

On Monday 18th of May, the city of Manresa enters Phase 1 of decontamination and, therefore, the basilica will begin to resume its usual activity of celebrations by offering a Mass at 7pm. From Tuesday 19th of May  two daily Masses will be held again, as usual.  

The parish will follow the “prevention measures for the celebration of public worship in Catholic temples during the escalation of restrictive measures in times of pandemic” of the Executive Committee of the Episcopal Conference.

• To access the temple:

  • The use of a mask is recommended (and must be brought from home).
  • Washing hands with the hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance is compulsory.
  • It is mandatory to maintain the physical safety distance. Benches are marked to indicate where you can sit and where not.

• During the celebration:

  • The gesture of peace will be omitted to avoid contact.
  • “Amen” will not be said upon receiving communion.
  • The collection will be offered at the end of the Mass.
  • There will be no items that need to be passed from hand to hand.
  • Images cannot be kissed nor touched.

The Seu of Manresa closed its doors to both tourist visits and celebrations due to the decree of state of alarm for the Covid-19 on March 14th, 2020.