Regala Cases d'Oliba

Regala Cases d’Oliba

Regala Cases d’Oliba 1920 1080 Seu de Manresa

7 large architectural ensembles from the heart of Catalonia, including the Seu of Manresa, are selling ‘Regala Cases d’Oliba’, an original Christmas gift designed for lovers of culture, art and heritage.

‘Regala Cases d’Oliba’ is a card that allows you to visit the Seu of Manresa (Bages), the Monastery of Santa Maria de l’Estany (Moianès), the Cathedral of Sant Pere de Vic (Osona), the Episcopal Museum of Vic (Osona), the Monastery of Sant Pere de Casserres (Osona), the Monastery of Santa Maria de Ripoll (Ripollès) and the Monastery of Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Ripollès).

The gift can be purchased on the Cases d’Oliba website in two formats:

  • Gift card: for a price of € 30 and in physical format.
  • Gift voucher: for € 25 and in digital document format that can be printed or emailed to the gifted person.

In both cases, the amount of all the tickets means a saving of a 30% on the original price of the tickets at each facility.

The mobility restrictions caused by the pandemic, led many people to make a bet on local holidays and getaways. ‘Regala Cases d’Oliba’ is a product that has been designed to get to know the highest level cultural heritage of Inland Catalonia. Tickets are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Regala Casas de Oliba can be purchased online at this link.

Cases d’Oliba

Cases d’Oliba is an initiative of the Department of Cultural Heritage of the Bishopric of Vic that aims to raise awareness of the heritage with ancient roots that bears the imprint of Bishop and Abbot Oliba (971-1046). These monuments are true heritage treasures.

In its website, it offers tickets to visit these equipments and also an agenda of cultural and tourist activities of these facilities.