Masks of Catalonia's heart organ

Masks to raise funds for the organ of the heart of Catalonia

Masks to raise funds for the organ of the heart of Catalonia 1600 1199 Seu de Manresa

The Organ Commission, in charge of the campaign “Let’s restore the organ of the heart of Catalonia” has created masks with the campaign image of the project with the aim of raising funds for the restoration and expansion of the instrument, located in the Basilica of Santa Maria de la Seu in Manresa.

These are water-repellent masks made with approved fabric and made of double fabric. They have a metal bar to better fit the nose and a very soft rubber band that attaches to the ears. They are water-repellent, antibacterial and liquid repellent and have a filtration capacity of more than 96%. The price / unit is € 10 and can be purchased at the Reception Point of the basilica.

Due to the pandemic situation arising from the Covid-19, the masks have become a necessary complement for all citizens and the Organ Commission has opted to create them with its slogan and brand with the intention to allocate all the profits from the sales to the organ restoration project.

Since October 2020, the Carlos M. Álvarez Workshop is already working on the improvement and adaptation of the instrument and it is expected that the first quarter of 2022 will be restored and expanded. Before that, however, it is necessary to obtain the means of financing in order to be able to carry it out and thus return the sound of the organ to the temple.