Biosphere Seu de Manresa

La Seu is committed to Sustainable Tourism

La Seu is committed to Sustainable Tourism 1920 1080 Seu de Manresa

The Basilica of Santa Maria de la Seu in Manresa ends the year with great news: obtaining the Biosphere Sustainable Sustainable Tourism Certificate, a world-class program of quality and tourism sustainability that is jointly promoted and coordinated in the Bages region by the County Council and the Barcelona Provincial Council.

For years, the facility has been working in the direction of getting involved with the territory and its environment and this year it has gone a step further by accrediting itself as a space committed to the environment and the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations.

The Seu applied for membership in the Biosphere program as a goal for the year 2021 and during these months has followed a personalized process with several audits to assess the sustainability of the equipment, define a series of good practices in line with the activity that is carried out and mark future challenges.

Within the framework of the Biosphere program, responsible tourism works to ensure that the management of the company internally is optimal, sustainable and efficient through the personalized advice of experts and the implementation of good practice manuals in reference to the following areas:

  1. Sustainable management
  2. Conservation and improvement of cultural heritage
  3. Environmental conservation
  4. Economic and social development
  5. Quality and safety
  6. Customer involvement

Biosphere Tourism has positively assessed the sustainable efforts of the basilica and has verified them through a certification process that publicly guarantees that it is constantly working for the continuous improvement and sustainable development of tourism and cultural activities they develop.

As a result of this joint work between the Seu and the auditors of the Biosphere program, a Personalized Sustainability Plan has emerged for the basilica that includes actions to promote sustainability worldwide. From now on, this Plan will be a key roadmap for thinking and designing the basilica in terms of tourism and culture.

The delivery of the certificate took place on Monday 13 December in an event organized by the County Council of Bages in the monumental complex of Torres de Fals.