International Museum Day 2021

International Museum Day 2021 591 591 Seu de Manresa


May 18 is International Museum Day, promoted by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) for more than 40 years to highlight the work that museums do in the development of society. And for years, the museum facilities of Manresa take part in it with various activities.

In this context, on Sunday 16th of May from 12pm to 2pm the Cathedral of Manresa will open the doors of the Historical Museum. During these two hours, all visitors will be able to freely access the equipment and visit the Museum, which is only on request for security reasons. The space preserves works of great patrimonial and artistic relevance and highlights, above all, a Romanesque Christ in polychrome wood from the 12th century and the fabulous Florentine Frontal, an embroidery unique in the world of the 14th century. A member of the Friends of the Cathedral will be at the Museum to accompany and give information to people who wish.

This year ICOM proposes the motto “The future of museums: recovering and reimagining”, which invites professionals working in museums and all citizens to create, imagine and share new practices of (co) creation in the face of challenges social, economic and environmental aspects of the present. At a crucial time for our society, museums need to participate in the paradigm shift and reaffirm their essential value in building a just and sustainable future. This is how the museums of Manresa also set out their work, with the main aim of helping to face current challenges based on heritage and creativity and to serve the community.

On this occasion, we want to give visibility to two of the groups that have suffered the most as a result of the pandemic and that are directly related to this year’s motto: the elderly and the young. They are given a voice and are the center of the campaign image. The museums of Manresa also want to make a special call to these groups to participate in the activities proposed to give them special support and welcome.

This year many activities will have a face-to-face format although they will be limited due to the restrictions arising from the Covid-19 and will held following all the needed precautions. The entire program can be consulted at:

This program of activities is promoted by the City Council of Manresa with the work and collaboration of all the museum facilities of the city and the active participation of institutions and entities such as the Friends of the Seu, Manresa Tourism, the Cova Sant Ignasi-Manresa Foundation, the Parc de la Sèquia and the basilica. Also with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Diputació de Barcelona.