JEP 2020

European Heritage Days 2020

European Heritage Days 2020 992 1323 Seu de Manresa

On 9, 10 and 11 October, the Seu of Manresa will join the celebration of the European Heritage Days (JEP) convened by the Council of Europe and the European Commission and promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

This initiative promotes the creation of an agenda of free activities throughout the territory during the second weekend of October to bring heritage closer to the public.

This year, the proposed theme revolves around the binomial of heritage and education in a global sense that goes beyond the school public.

In the Basilica of Santa Maria de la Seu, we will offer the following activities:

  • October 9, 6.30pm: lecture “Manresa and its county. From the arrival of Carolingian power to the endowment of the year 1020” by Xavier Costa, Doctor in Medieval Cultures and professor at the Institute of  Religious Sciences of Vic. This lecture is part of the “Cycle of Romanesque knowledge” of the Millennium of the Seu. (You must register at:
  • October 10, 11am: 3D digitization workshop. With this activity we will discover a new way of approaching photometry, an image capture technique consisting of making 3D models with the mobile phone. To do the workshop, it is necessary to have a smartphone with the applications Trnio (iOS) or Scann3D (Android) and Sketchfab. (You must register at:
  • October 11, from 12pm to 2pm: morning of open doors to freely visit the temple.