Reopening of the basilica to tourist visits

Reopening of the basilica to tourist visits 1000 667 Seu de Manresa
On Saturday 6th of June 2020, the Seu will reopen its doors to tourist visits after more than two months closed due to the health crisis caused by Covid-19.
The reopening will be carried out following preventive measures to ensure the safety of all visitors and prevent the spread of the pandemic. The regulations will be explicit in various media to facilitate understanding and include the following guidelines for conduct:
• The use of the mask will be mandatory (for over 6).
• Hands must be cleaned at the entrance and exit of the equipment with hydroalcoholic soap.
• Payments with credit card or mobile phone will be enabled.
• The interpersonal distance of 2 meters must be maintained.
• All doors will be open and furniture will not be touched or seated on the benches of the basilica during visiting hours.
• The recommended tour should be followed.
• Information leaflets will not be offered, but a QR code will be provided to access information about the basilica from any mobile device.
From the tourist and cultural management of the basilica it is expected that this summer activities such as special guided tours or concerts can be recovered and, thus, to re-position the Seu of Manresa as one of the most important tourist and cultural spaces in central Catalonia. 
You can check the visiting hours of the basilica here.