Vesprades Mil·lenàries

Millennial evenings to discover the origins of the Seu

Millennial evenings to discover the origins of the Seu 940 788 Seu de Manresa

The Basilica of Santa Maria de la Seu offers five guided tours to learn about the Romanesque origins of the temple and the city. These are very special visits, as they will take place behind closed doors, in an intimate atmosphere, with small groups and a new visiting space will be accessed.

The tour will begin at the Espai Oliba (the current Romanesque cloister, which will open on Wednesday 15 July) where the church of Santa Maria will be contextualized, located in a key point of the geography and around which began to erect the city of Manresa. Next, you will access the first roof of the basilica from where you can enjoy privileged views of the city during the evening twilight. The ascent will allow you to see the basilica from another perspective, admiring its surroundings and being able to observe up close the characteristics of the Catalan Gothic that have erected the Seu of Manresa as one of the most representative examples of this style..

In 2018 and 2019, the “Summer Evenings at the Seu” were organized from the basilica with a very positive reception from visitors. This year, the route has been modified to make the Espai Oliba known and, thus, to broaden the view of all the people of Manresa and visitors from other towns on the Romanesque origins of the Cathedral and the relevance of the visit that Bishop Oliba made in the city on July 15, 1020.

On July 22nd and 23rd, the Millennium Evenings will be a preview of the concerts of the “Sons del Camí” cycle that will be held inside the temple. On Wednesday 22 July, Ferran Palau will perform in the basilica and on Thursday 23 July the singer-songwriter from Solsona, Roger Mas. The tour will end just in time so that everyone who wants to can attend the concerts and thus enjoy a day of heritage and music of the most enriching.

Prices and reservations

To register for the “Millennium Evenings” visits, you must call 93.872.15.12 or send an email to The price is 6 € / person, under 14 years, free.

* For health reasons all visitors must wear a mask during the tour.